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Physiotherapy with Estela Farias

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Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Registered Massage Therapy

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Registered Massage Therapy with Dinyar Mistry

Movement Coaching

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Active Rehab

During my formative years of becoming a physical education teacher, I always had a strong desire to promote health preservation and illness prevention. During and after completing my studies at the UBC, I worked in many educational, institutional and community settings with under-privileged and often troubled teenagers and that was when I recognized an increasing need to reach out to them by addressing their social and emotional needs through multi-dimensional approaches.

Later on, when I was going through my own emotionally difficult times, I sought an unconventional medical treatment to help me to cope with stress. This was when I met Gerard Tan, a local acupuncturist who specializes in caring for people with cancer. His Japanese style of acupuncture treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles had a profound effect on my sense of well-being by improving my sleep quality and my energy levels within a very short time.

Spurred on by this experience and fuelled by my desire to assist people with various health problems, I decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient scientific and philosophical system that is continuously developing and growing.

Here, I learned to embrace holistic ways of understanding the relationship between the human body and all the potential environmental factors. I realized that concepts of proactive and preventative treatment of disease, with an emphasis on health preservation, have become more valued and implemented than ever before.

I believe, as TCM maintains, that the human body, like the world, is an integral whole, in that its constituent parts are inseparable in structure and connected with, and conditioned by one another, as well as by nature and our surrounding environment.

In the same way that our world is affected by various environmental and socio-political issues, our bodies are constantly subjected to hardships. Life is not an easy journey, and it can become particularly overwhelming for us when we also have to deal with pain and illness. I strongly believe in the human body’s natural ability to prevail against any odds and I am dedicated to supporting and strengthening it

During my formative years of becoming a physical education teacher, I always had a strong desire ... Read More

Dr. Morgyn Olmstead received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Prior to that, she studied Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan where she also ran track as an 800m runner.

With her past experience as a middle distance runner, Morgyn specializes in treating runners, desk workers, and those in chronic pain. She strongly believes in utilizing a whole person approach to care (bio-psycho-social) where she works together with her patients to develop an action plan to achieve their goals and get back to doing what they love.

On her days off, you can find Morgyn running on the sea wall, exploring the mountains, trying new cafes and reading on the beach.

Dr. Morgyn Olmstead received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropr... Read More

Upon successfully completing a Bachelor’s in Instrumentation Engineering, I decided to follow my passion as a Senior Yoga, Dance Instructor & Performing artist with the Shiamak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts (SDIPA). I taught in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. I was fortunate to have performed with the dance company in Malaysia, Egypt, China, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Dubai, Toronto, and Vancouver. My teacher’s training was completed at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in India.

During my journey, I experienced the power of the performing arts and therapeutic touch as a medium to provide comfort, relaxation, and manage pain. This eventually led me to study at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT). Upon completion, the school honored me with their “Heart Award “ given for ‘Unconditional positive regard for others combined with a passionate commitment to excellence in the massage therapy profession.’

Registered massage therapy is a regulated profession in British Columbia. An RMT treatment includes History, Assessment, Treatment, Homecare and a Treatment Plan. I am happy to offer a “trauma-informed practice” which fosters an environment where the unique story of each person’s life experience is met with body-oriented compassion and awareness in order to safely and respectfully provide appropriate care and service.

I am also fortunate to be one of the few practitioners in BC to have an advanced certification in Proprioceptive deep tendon reflex ( P-DTR) a program developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jose Palomar. Functional Neurology is my preferred area of practice, this includes Neurokinetic therapy and Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex P-DTR.

When not at work, I love spending time with my daughter and wife watching movies singing, and dancing, I love being surrounded by nature. I am always reading/studying, listening to music and exploring the healing within movement & stillness.


Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation:- 2000.

Yoga Teachers Training (300 hours ):-2003. Yoga, Advanced Teachers Training(500 hours):-2006

Advanced Ayurvedic Studies - Institute of Holistic Nutrition - 2011

Registered Massage Therapy VCMT (3000 hours) 2014.

Manual Lymph Drainage -level 1 Dr. Vodder School International: -2014.

Somatic Explorations Workshops - Cadaver lab 2013-2014.

Restoring Mobility to Clavicle workshop -2015.

NEUROKINETIC THERAPY. NKT Level 1 - September 2016. NKT Level 2 - November 2016. NKT Level 3 - March 2017.

PROPRIOCEPTIVE DEEP TENDON REFLEX: P-DTR Foundation Series Module 1-August 2018. Module 2- September 2018. Module 3 -October 2018. Module 4-November 2018.

P-DTR:- Intermediate Series Module 1-April 2019 Module 2- May 2019

P-DTR:- Advanced Series Module 1-September 2019. Module 2-December2019.

Introduction To Clinical Pilates-Calibrate Pilates September 19 & September 26, 2021.

Trauma-Informed Practice for Massage Therapists -Elisa Peterson December 4th & 5th -2021

Posterior Thorax and Spine Cadaver Pro-Section-Somatic Explorations : August 13th 2022

Lower Extremities Cadaver Pro-Section -Somatic Explorations : August 23 2022

Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb - Anatomy In Motion - Gary Ward

Upcoming Courses 2023

Biomechanics Of The Upper Body In Motion -Anatomy In Motion - Gary Ward

The Vagus Nerve Program - Jessica Maguire

Upon successfully completing a Bachelor’s in Instrumentation Engineering, I decided to follow my ... Read More

Dr. Gaelan Connell (he/him/his) is a Vancouver chiropractor who was born and raised in the lower mainland.

He earned his Human Kinetics degree from the University of British Columbia and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Dr. Gaelan graduated with clinic honours and with academic honours (Magna Cum Laude). He spent a clinical year at the South Riverdale Community Health Care Centre and at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, where he provided chiropractic services to inner-city patients.

In addition to patient care, Dr. Gaelan is also a published author in several peer-reviewed scientific journals and continues to use evidence-based protocols in his daily practice. Dr. Gaelan has trained in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Myofascial Release Technique (M.R.T.), Graston Technique, gait analysis and orthotic foot therapy.

He treats a wide variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Gaelan uses well rounded treatment protocols such as soft-tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustments, active rehabilitation, kinesiotaping, and patient education.

Every patient is treated with a unique plan of care that is tailored to meet their needs. Dr. Gaelan’s purpose as a chiropractor is to use his clinical skills and knowledge to help people reach their health goals.

Dr. Gaelan is a proud member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, BC Chiropractic Association, and College of Chiropractors of BC.

He is passionate about long-distance running, cycling, hiking, soccer, canoeing, and kayaking. In his spare time you can often find him running in the trails or canoeing in False Creek.

Dr. Gaelan Connell (he/him/his) is a Vancouver chiropractor who was born and raised in the lower ... Read More

Rhiannon has been a practicing kinesiologist for 5 years and obtained her Kinesiology Degree from the University of Alberta. Over her experience, she has had the pleasure of treating all types of clients and finds it motivating to see how movement can help everyone! Her competitive athletic experience is rooted in soccer but she also enjoys beach volleyball, trail running and anything in the water. After rehabilitating injuries of her own, Rhiannon understands the effect injuries can have on daily life and how improvements can make a world of a difference. Rhiannon will work with you to achieve those improvements and help you return to what you are used to!

Rhiannon has been a practicing kinesiologist for 5 years and obtained her Kinesiology Degree from... Read More

Bok believes that the best practice in health care service provides integrated professional healing methods and individual support to each of his clients. He bases his philosophy on more than a decade of training and experience. He is trained in both Traditional Chinese methods and Western methods of preventive and integrative medicine. He has also worked in global pharmaceutical industries in China and Hong Kong. Before joining Tonume, Bok has practiced in North Surrey, Richmond, YYoga at Highgate and Vancouver East. As a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor, Bok works closely with each of his team members at Tonume to enhance patient satisfaction with the health care services the clinic provides. To maximize his patients’ physical and psychological recovery, Bok listens to each one to discern the root of that client’s disorder before selecting treatment options and healing regimens. In order to accelerate the healing process, self-recovery methods are taught. Knowing that nutrition is a vital component of disease prevention and healing, he helps his patients adjust their individual nutritional and life-style habits step-by-step. By working together with the patient in this manner, the benefits of his clinical treatment will be maximized. Bok believes that daily eating habits play a major role in people’s health. In his leisure time, he loves to explore and prepare different types of food. Among his favourite dishes are various Chinese soups he and his young family enjoy.

Bok believes that the best practice in health care service provides integrated professional heali... Read More

Zachary has been a practicing physiotherapist in Kingston, Ontario since 2015. Since meeting his wife a couple years ago, he has finally decided to make the move to BC. In his spare time, Zachary enjoys sports including rock climbing, basketball, and snowboarding. He also enjoys playing guitar and reading a good book.

Having achieved a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at Queens University, Zachary continues to aspire to become a better therapist through life-long learning.

Zachary’s clinical interest lies in optimizing movement of the human body and resolving musculoskeletal conditions involving pain, headaches, and dizziness. What fascinates Zachary is the intricacy of the human body and how everything works together. With that in mind, you can count on Zachary to look at your body as a whole to find the source of your symptoms.

Zachary’s approach to therapy involves identifying the patterns of movement and posture that are not working optimally, followed by resetting the communication between the brain and the rest of the body to enhance the body patterns. He also believes patients play an active role in their own recovery in order to achieve their desired goals. Therefore, patients will not only receive hands-on therapy and education, but also exercises that empower, maintain, and strengthen their bodies for independence.​

Continuing Education Courses include:

PDTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) – Advanced: Optimizing body function by restoring proper communication between the brain and the body.

NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) – Advanced – Level 3: Finding muscle compensation patterns and improving motor control and body awareness.

SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) – Level 1: Assessing whole body movements in order to identify the potential sources of symptoms.

Energetic Balancing – Level 2: Clearing stored patterns of physical tension by treating one’s mind, body, and emotions.

AiM (Anatomy in Motion) Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb: Identifying and restoring proper movement of the lower body during walking.

Training = Rehab 3 – Charlie Weingroff: Treatment and training principles for the active population to enhance rehabilitation and performance.

Stop Chasing Pain – Primal Movement Chains: Working along fascial chains, rotational muscle patterns, and effective force generation to reduce injuries, and increase stability and performance.

Spinal Manipulation of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and SI joint: Adjusting the spine by utilizing quick but small movements to restore joint mobility.

Zachary has been a practicing physiotherapist in Kingston, Ontario since 2015. Since meeting his ... Read More

RELEASE : (verb) to set free from confinement or burden IGNITE: (verb) to spark, to fire; to render luminous

Tell me who you really are in the fire of your being. What led you here … a yearning to express freely and fully what is powerfully you, a feeling state, way of relating or pattern calling for change, a goal or dream urging to be realized … whatever brought your name to mine matters. Life’s disappointments and woundings (personal and systemic) can leave us feeling minimized, burdened, hesitant, or on repeat in patterns that no longer serve us. It is a radical act to claim your full aliveness, take deep pleasure in your beingness and create joyfully from your core. I bring genuine care and healing presence to where you are now and guided support for your life longing to be lived. Soul Craft Counselling & Coaching is a safe and courageous place to bring your growth urge.

With warmth, regard, and an unwavering belief in your capacity, I will facilitate a time/space for you to:

  • safely feel what calls to be felt, and wants to be known
  • connect with, heal and nourish essential parts of self
  • meet fear and receive the wisdom and power it’s been guarding
  • release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, break patterns, shatter curses
  • take a stand for your potential & your life longing to be lived
  • choose actions that excite you
  • step out of your comfort zone into the realization of Self, Goals and Dreams, supported and championed every step-leap of the way

My lived experience is as a mixed blood, cis woman (she / they), queer, survivor and thriver. I am a water loving, deep sea sailing, cold ocean plunger, a runner, biophilliac and word nerd.

My experience includes over 20 years as a Counsellor in Social Services where I specialized in alcohol and substance use, mental wellness, psychosis and trauma resiliency. I am trained in and particularly enjoy the modalities of Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness Psychotherapy and working with dreams. My own healing odyssey brought me to Buddhism at a young age and 35 years of Dharma practise and meditation inform my being as well as my work.

I am grateful to practise as “Soul Craft Counselling & Coaching”, where I combine the healing of counselling with the empowerment of coaching, for a unique and potent alchemy of soul nurturing and aspiring.

Wyll River Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Professional Member, International Coaching Federation BA Psychology BA Philosophy

RELEASE : (verb) to set free from confinement or burden IGNITE: (verb) to spark, to fire; to rend... Read More

Fascination with human behaviour and the unique and varied way we each navigate life has been at the core of me for as long as memory serves. During the Aid’s Pandemic an unmasked reality of suffering became all too clear. Doing palliative work I learned the value of holding space for someone while simply listening and being present for them. So inspired by the examples of resilience, strength and spirit, a helper was born.

While raising my family I studied integrated energy practices at Langara College. Volunteering at Women’s Recovery Centres, Friends for Life and Native Health Society I became increasingly aware that I required a greater skill set to therapeutically support clients with the emotional releases they often experienced. So it was back to school to study counselling and psychology at the Counsellor Training Institute.

Fortunate to find employment after graduation in 2004 at the B.C. Compassion Club Wellness Center, (a consensus run, not-for- profit that provides subsidized complimentary health care for those in need) I was able to hone my skills as I worked closely with a talented and experience-varied group of practitioners. For sixteen years I had the privilege and honour to sit with a wonderfully diverse group of people whose commonality was living with chronic or terminal illness and often repetitive trauma and marginalization. They have greatly informed my practice and my humanity and sustained my sense of awe at the resilience of spirit. My work is rooted in a non-hierarchical, person to person therapeutic relationship. Holistic in nature, addressing mind, body and spirit. Drawing from multi-disciplines, I work to meet the needs of the individual. My goal is to empower clients to live and thrive according to their own values and belief systems.

After an intentional pause that was greatly extended by the pandemic I am very excited to be back working within my East Vancouver Community at Tonume Integrated Health. During this last unprecedented year when self-care has become essential to achieving and sustaining mental health and a sense of well-being, I feel blessed to have grown up on and continued to live on the West Coast. The abundance of water and forest, coupled by a climate that allows for tennis and hiking year long, skiing in the winter and spring, and camping and soft-ball in the summer has allowed me to return to work feeling grounded, centred and looking very forward to sitting with clients once again.

Back to work also is Archie, a six year old Golden Lab. Archie and I met when he was a pup through Pacific Assistance Dogs, with the goal of socializing and training him to be an assistance dog. That meant that he accompanied me everywhere. Archie masterfully failed that program! Although he executed all tasks, he did not preform them swiftly or with enthusiasm. However Archie has proved himself invaluable in the counselling room, demonstrating a limitless capacity for empathy and an innate ability to transform moments when words fail. Those who have had this experience “Thank Dog for Archie!”

All welcome, there are no life challenges too big or too small.

Safely meet in person utilizing best safety practices.

No cost 20 minute ‘meet the counsellor’, by phone or person to person, it is your preference, and comfort level.

Affiliated Organizations:

  • Spirit Matters Holistic Counselling
  • M.P.C.C. (Master Practitioner, Clinical Counsellor)
  • R.P.C. (Registered Professional Counsellor)
  • Canadian Professional Counsellors Associations #1851
  • H.P.P. (Holistic Health Practitioner)
  • Registered Funeral Celebrant

Fascination with human behaviour and the unique and varied way we each navigate life has been at ... Read More

Dr. Matt (he/him/his) graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine after having completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology at the University of Victoria 4 years earlier. He holds board certifications in advanced injection therapies, prescriptive authority, and acupuncture. Using an evidence-based approach, he creates individualized treatment protocols for each patient based on their health goals and unique lifestyles.

Dr. Matt has a particular passion for plant-based/vegan nutrition, physical medicine, and chronic disease. With additional training in nutrition, he holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies where he has authored multiple articles on the subject.

As a life-long athlete and teaching assistant for the physical medicine program at the Boucher Institute, his goal is to get his patients back in action as quickly as possible after an injury and performing at their absolute best. Dr. Matt helps his patients achieve this through a combination of physical therapies, and when needed, adjunctive treatments such as prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is an advanced injection therapy that uses dextrose, to help stimulate a healing response in joints or tissues that typically receive very little blood flow, and procaine, which helps mitigate the pain response. Prolotherapy has consistently produced impressive results for conditions such as osteoarthritis, and can be a beneficial addition to one’s treatment protocol.

And finally, with his personal history of asthma and his father’s battle with heart disease, chronic illnesses have been an important focus of his throughout his entire education with the goal of helping his patients thrive, as both he and his father have.

While he does have a specific focus in the areas mentioned above, Dr. Matt has experience treating people of all ages, backgrounds, and conditions, including: Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Diabetes Vegan/Vegetarian Diets Digestive issues Food sensitivities/intolerances Cold/flu Allergies Weight Loss/Management Fatigue Skin conditions Musculoskeletal issues Pain Autoimmune conditions Anxiety

When he’s not spending time seeing patients or reading up on the latest nutrition science, Dr. Matt can be found playing soccer, practicing guitar, travelling, attending rock concerts, volunteering at an animal sanctuary, or enjoying the beach.

Dr. Matt (he/him/his) graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine after having ... Read More

JL graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Previously, they had a career supporting individuals encountering institutional barriers to health care, housing and harm reduction. This work was full of lessons. Both on the limits of our health care system in providing accessible care to everyone in our communities and the need for all individuals to access non judgmental, conscientious care and support. These are values they bring into their work as an RMT.

With a background in dance and movement, they are passionate about helping people settle into their bodies. Through their own experience of injury and rehabilitation, they learned both the limits and potential of the human body. How life experience and injury can impact movement and perceptions of movement. How much the body can change in a moment or a series of moments and how we are all impacted by time. Our bodies will never stay the same, so how do we listen and respond to change while encouraging mobility and preventing injury? This is why they have become passionate about helping their patients settle into their bodies. Their treatments focus on meeting each individual where they are at, centering consent and collaboration.

JL’s clinical background includes supporting individuals with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, surgical scars, TMJ, repetitive strain injuries and migraines. Their treatment style includes myofascial release, neuromuscular technique, swedish/relaxation, breath work, muscle activation and stretching.

JL graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Previously, they had a career support... Read More

Holly is a certified personal trainer and movement coach. She helps restore your body’s factory settings.

Her clients come to her to resolve frustrating injuries that never seem to get better or to provide the finishing touches to injury rehab to prevent an injury from returning.

Her expertise focuses on restoring forgotten movement in every joint in the body to allow the muscles to do their job unencumbered.

She specializes in restoring foot function to allow the whole body to work as one coordinated, well-oiled machine.

Common conditions that her clients come to her for include bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, unresolved knee pain, tight hips, low back pain, poor shoulder and ribcage mobility, and neck pain.

With three decades as a dancer and then dance teacher (ballet and salsa dancing) and a PhD in biology, Holly brings a diverse movement skill set and eye for detail to her practice. She is an Anatomy in Motion practitioner and CanFitPro certified Personal Training Specialist.

She has recently completed Julie Wiebe’s Pelvic Floor Piston Science course. In her spare time Holly enjoys cycling, reading sci fi novels, learning languages, hiking, bird watching and discovering new vegetarian restaurants.

What is movement coaching?

Movement coaching is a vital extension of any good injury rehab program. It zooms in on the details of how each joint and muscle in your body moves to discover the underlying causes of pain and repeat injuries.

By restoring lost range of motion in the joints, the muscles are freed up to move as they are intended, alleviating years of aches and pains. Looking at the whole body as one coordinated machine, movement coaching can reset your body’s ‘factory settings’ while developing your body awareness and an individualized toolkit to stay pain free.

Good foot function is a key factor in good whole-body movement and movement coaching often explores foot function in coordination with the whole body.

Holly is a certified personal trainer and movement coach. She helps restore your body’s factory s... Read More

Estela’s passion for physiotherapy started when she was four years old, during her first session with a Physiotherapist. At that young age, Estela already decided to become a Physiotherapist to help people accomplish their health goals. Little did she know that the first Physiotherapist she met would years later become one of her professors and mentors at the university. In 2003, Estela accomplished her childhood dream by obtaining her Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy at the Santa Catarina State University in Brazil.

While working in Brazil as a Physiotherapist, Estela completed a specialization in Chinese Massage Therapy, and a second one in Acupuncture. After moving to Canada, Estela obtained her certification in Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Trigger Point Dry Needling in 2017. In the same year, Estela obtained her Level 1 and Level 2 Certification in Kinetic Link Training (KLT) system exercise program.

Estela’s experience includes providing education, active rehabilitation, manual therapy, and IMS treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Estela also has experience providing support to athletes participating in sport competitions, such as Ironman and Surf championships.

Estela has worked mostly in private practice settings and loves working with patients of all ages. Her main areas of interest include musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, neurological condition, and sports.

Estela is also fluent in Portuguese and has a working knowledge of Spanish. When not at work, Estela joins her husband in outdoor activities and traveling.

Estela’s passion for physiotherapy started when she was four years old, during her first session ... Read More

Bianca has always taken a keen interest in anything related to human anatomy and nutrition and therefor decided to become a Registered Massage Therapist. She is a graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.

Bianca treats anything from systemic issues (tension headaches, varicose veins, inflammation of the extremities, anxiety, stress) to mild or severe soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains, dislocations, etc). Her treatment goal is to reduce/speed up your recovery time so you are back to feeling your best as soon as possible. Bianca aims to treat the entire body as a whole, because she understands that everything in the human body is interconnected.

She is more than happy to provide information regarding pain in relation to posture and insists on providing home care activities and hydrotherapy tips to work with you to speed up your recovery even further.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, watching crime shows on Netflix, and taking her golden lab for long walks along the Fraser River.

Bianca has always taken a keen interest in anything related to human anatomy and nutrition and th... Read More

Mathew is passionate about improving the wellbeing of others by providing relief from pain and stress as well as helping to improve mobility and movement. He strives to provide the best care for everyone he sees and treats everyone with respect, care and compassion.

This lifelong passion for health and well-being led him to massage therapy and is a graduate from the program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy.

During his time there, Mathew treated a variety of injuries such as sprains, strains, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, whip lash, disc herniations, nerve compression and fibromyalgia, as well as conditions associated with spinal cord injuries.

Blending deep tissue Swedish massage with a variety of treatment techniques such as trigger point release, active and passive myofascial release, joint mobilizations, and stretching in a slow and intentional manner to achieve effective results. Mathew also provides uniquely catered post-treatment plans to further aid clients on their path to positive well-being.

In his free time Mat enjoys spending his time actively outdoors, hiking, cycling and being out in the water.

Mathew is passionate about improving the wellbeing of others by providing relief from pain and st... Read More

Dr. Elena Fenske (she/her/hers) is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special focus and passion in the following areas in primary care:

  • Women’s Health and Gynaecology
  • Naturopathic Fertility Support
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Care
  • Perimenopause & Menopause Hormone Optimization
  • Digestive Health
  • Mental Health & Resilience

As your Naturopathic Doctor, my mission is to provide you with a compassionate, patient- centred and comprehensive treatment plan that is unique to you, and is catered to your individual health goals and preferences. I want you to leave our session together with a renewed sense of hope. My hope is that you leave with better understanding of your body and what’s going on the inside, for you to feel empowered by the knowledge that you are in charge of your own unique path to healing,

Professional Credentials

Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine – Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine Bachelor of Science - Cell Biology and Genetics - University of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Prescribing Authority – Dr. James McCormack PharmD & Dr. Adil Virani Pharm D, FCSHP Acupuncture – CNPBC Board Certified Acupuncturist Naturopathic Cardiac Life Saving (NCLS) and BLS/CPR and BLS/CPR – OHM Spinal Adjusting/Naturopathic Manipulation - Dr. Nikita Vizniak, Doctor of Chiropractic Allergy Testing and Treatment - Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, ND Advanced Intravenous Therapy – Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, ND Global Health Certification and Internship - Natural Doctors International (NDI) - Ometepe, Nicaragua

Affiliated Organizations

College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC) British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA) Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)

Dr. Elena Fenske (she/her/hers) is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special focus and passion in the ... Read More

Shauna has a diverse background in the performing arts. She has danced professionally as a contemporary dance artist, choreographed and performed across Canada and abroad. She has taught at SFU for their contemporary dance program as well as led Yoga classes privately for individuals and for larger groups at various yoga studios in Vancouver.

After the birth of her two children, balancing work and family life became an endurance test. She deepened her inner journey into yoga, meditation and nutrition to heal mind, body and spirit. Many years, professional designations, silent retreats and mind-body studies later, she found her calling in the field of health and wellness.

As a dedicated student of life with a curiosity that never quits, she broadened her understanding of the intricate workings of the body by completing her studies at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and became a Registered Massage Therapist.

Her own journey to health informs and guides her practice. As an empathetic practitioner, Shauna works with patients to create a personalized and sustainable treatment plan that focuses on addressing the specific needs of each individual patient to assist them to achieve their long or short-term goals. This includes comprehensive patient education and tailored home care.

Drawing on her professional dance and yoga certifications she enjoys using a variety of techniques to attain desired outcomes and goals. These modalities include Swedish massage, myofascial release, joint manipulation, progressive relaxation and trigger point release.

Shauna has a deep and committed meditation practice and continues to teach mindful meditation and yoga. She also dances as much as time permits and considers the forest her home away from home.

She looks forward to meeting you and to helping you navigate your own unique health journey.

Shauna has a diverse background in the performing arts. She has danced professionally as a contem... Read More

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle with yoga, biking, snowboarding, swimming, dance and hiking. I have always had an interest in health, fitness, the human body, food and nature. For the longest time I had no idea that all these seemingly different interests could be wrapped up into one profession – Traditional Chinese Medicine. ​ When I first became curious about TCM I was living in Taiwan, a place that is very modern and traditional at the same time. I loved the herbal shop and chose to visit traditional doctors when I became ill. It was fascinating for me to have my pulse read even though I often didn’t fully understand what was going on. It was also in Taiwan I witnessed the amazing therapeutic benefits of acupuncture as well as received advice at the markets on which fruits and vegetables I should be eating or avoiding according to my skin and body constitution. ​ I began reading general knowledge books on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I found the system very different to what I learnt during my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Although it was a different way of looking at the body and health/illness it resonated with me with respect to preventing illness and promoting longevity through living in tune with your environment, taking into consideration emotional and mental wellbeing as well as the interconnectedness of all aspects of the body. ​ For a few years I let the idea of returning home to percolate. I knew I loved to travel and still wanted to see more of the world before I returned to Vancouver. In order for me to transition easily back into Canadian life I had to start something new and that was study TCM. Five years seemed like a long time to go back to school but as soon as I started classes I knew I had made the right choice. Chinese medicine is a passion of mine. I am constantly impressed by the depth and breadth of treatment options and fascinated by the workings of the whole system. It is a profession that is constantly developing and changing but where you can return to the classics for clinical inspiration that is still relevant 1000′s of years later. ​ Learning is a life long process and fortunately TCM has many avenues to explore. Some of the more interesting courses I have taken include facial rejuvenation, reflexology, allergic conditions and NADA. Community service to me is an important aspect of emotional wellbeing which has lead me to work as an acupuncturist at the BCCCS Wellness Centre and volunteer at the Dr Peter Centre. Another organization which helps those suffering with HIV is the Pan African Acupuncture Project and in 2008 I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my love of travel, acupuncture and service by making two trips to Uganda as a volunteer to help train health care workers there. ​ As I develop as a practitioner I find I am drawn to different areas of the profession. Upon returning to my private practice after a relatively short maternity leave I was tinkering with making tinctures at home. This experimentation led to the purchase and rebranding of a local tincture company into what is now Shanti Solutions. Herbs make powerful medicine and I am proud to be making products locally from organic/pesticide free herbs. As of now they are only for purchase from practitioners. ​ ​Over the last 4 years I have been a faculty member of a long standing TCM college in Vancouver, the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Working with students has helped hone my skills as a doctor as well as reignite my interest in TCM theory and research. As the medical ethics instructor and clinical supervisor I hope to instill excellent clinical skills and habits in the students I teach. This position has led me to be chosen for a position with the BC government. I am now a part of a hearing audit panel specifically for acupuncturists. I am honoured to be appointed to this position and look forward to putting my ethics background to the test.

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle with yoga, biking, snowboarding, swimming, dance and hi... Read More

My practice includes primarily acupuncture, cupping therapy, and Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. I am also licensed to prescribe Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas.

I practice an advanced acupuncture method that is gentle yet effective on acute and chronic pain conditions. My focus is on treatment of pain, stress and anxiety, digestive and gynaecological conditions. I also treat patients with any type of trauma and addiction issues.

What I love about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that every patient is treated according to their unique constitution with their diet, work and lifestyle taken into account. A TCM diagnosis is made according to TCM principles and theories and then a treatment plan is created. In this manner TCM can address almost any issues in a person’s health.

My interests are reading, traveling with my family and photography.

My practice includes primarily acupuncture, cupping therapy, and Sound Healing with Tuning Forks.... Read More

Since graduating from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in July, 2002 I have immensely enjoyed my career as a RMT . Over the past 11 years, I have treated a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and have learned greatly from a wide variety of clients.

The main focus of my practice has been working with anxiety and stress related disorders. In today’s fast paced world, stress and anxiety seems to be of epidemic proportion. All too often, we tend to toss stress aside inorder to satisfy other’s needs. People suffer from insomnia, tension headaches and a host of other conditions, many of which may be alleviated by Massage Therapy. It is extremely rewarding to me when clients are finally able to let go of their worries and leave a new person.

My practice has also been focused toward prenatal care, work related injuries, back pain, and plantar fasciitis. To ensure the best results, I like to work with you to develop a treatment and home care plan that best suits you. Techniques often included are: Swedish Massage, Fascial Therapy, Myofascial Trigger Point work, Joint Play and Passive Stretching.

It has been a life-long dream to create a clinic space that offers the best of both worlds - a place of warmth and comfort, as well, as highly skilled professionals. I am so excited to share this experience with everyone.

Since graduating from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in July, 2002 I have immensely enjoy... Read More

Anne graduated from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto, ON in 2004. Since then, she has mostly practiced in a multidisciplinary environment and has also guided students through problem solving in general practice as a clinic supervisor at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.

Her passion for massage therapy and empathetic nature ensures an environment of inclusion, respect, comfort and personalized care. She uses a combination of myofascial release techniques, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage with a holistic approach to therapy that acknowledges the mind/body connection.

She has a strong interest in building a practice that includes top surgery recovery, post mastectomy/post surgical breast care, and scar tissue management.

Anne has been an avid climber for 20 years. She loves being athletic in the mountains and can’t wait to share this love of nature with her new puppy, Rosebud. She recently returned to school for Holistic Nutrition and is incredibly excited to be creating new life challenges.

Anne graduated from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto, ON in 2004. Since the... Read More

Josh always knew he wanted to have a role improving the lives of others. After many years of self-discovery, he knew Massage Therapy was his calling. Josh began his career as an RMT in Ontario as a Sutherland-Chan Graduate. He has always wanted to make the journey out west and is now glad to call Vancouver his home.

Josh takes a global approach to wellness. He tries to look at the big picture to discover the source of his Patient’s discomfort. He also strives to design self-care routines tailored to fit his Patient’s lifestyle and ability level. He believes that making small daily changes can have a huge impact on injury prevention and treatment.

Josh’s experience includes, but surely is not limited to, pre and post-surgical treatments, palliative care, developmental and neurological disorders, motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys making wine, taking day trips on his motorcycle, and taking his dog to the park. Feel free to ask about any of these!

Josh always knew he wanted to have a role improving the lives of others. After many years of self... Read More

Reianna has always believed that people should live a life doing what they love to do. In 2000 when a family member developed a systemic illness, it inspired her to pursue a career in health care. She saw how manual therapy could improve a person’s wellbeing and outlook on life and since then has committed her time to trying to help others achieve a healthier, more functional quality of life.

Reianna graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) in 2015 with a keen interest in various techniques such as; myofascial manipulation, trigger point release, neuromuscular therapy and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching. She believes in a good balance between passive and dynamic treatment styles, open communication and a comprehensive treatment plan that will accommodate the specific needs of each and every patient; ranging from chronic conditions to sports injuries to general stress/anxiety/relaxation. She is a firm believer in patient education and appreciates the importance of treating the body holistically.

When she is not in the office you can find her travelling to sunny destinations, hiking the north shore mountains, surfing in Tofino, or petting other peoples dogs.

Reianna has always believed that people should live a life doing what they love to do. In 2000 wh... Read More

(He/Him/His) The human body never ceases to amaze me. I chose to follow this path as a Registered Massage Therapist after my wife and I were hit by a drunk driver in 1995. Massage Therapy helped to guide us back to wellness. That is what I have considered myself since: A guide. I have been privileged to be able to work with individuals who are undergoing health challenges from all walks of life.

Initially after graduation myself and some colleagues opened up a clinic with an M.D. and a Chiropractor, and we treated mainly individuals who were injured in car accidents. So mainly whiplash injuries. In my time there, I really felt a disconnect with the rest of the body, so I slowly transitioned to a wellness spa. There, I learned to treat the entire person, and not just the injury, and that is what sums up my practice.

In 2004, I wanted to impart my knowledge and experience gained with new therapists, so I became a teacher, and absolutely loved it. I taught for over a decade at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. I taught Orthopedics, Manual Skills, Clinical Assessment, Sports Treatments, as well as supervised students in some amazing clinical outreaches and at the student clinic. I find that my treatments reflect those subjects that I taught.

I have taken many Myofascial Release Courses (even had the honour of attending the first ever Fascial Congress at Harvard Medical in Boston), Neuromuscular Therapy, Osteopathic techniques with a strong basis for calming and soothing our nervous system.

When not at Tonume, I can be found on the Drive with my wife and three children, riding our bikes, or at Britannia Rink coaching hockey. Any free time I have after that is devoted to music. I am a bassist in the Beatles Tribute – The Fab Fourever, and you can find us playing at a theatre near you at

My belief is that our nervous system is the key to my treatments, and if you learn how to calm it, bypass it, or fly under its radar, you have an excellent opportunity for change. I hope to be your guide for change.

I welcome any an all into our treatment space, and try to create a safe, comfortable and healing environment regardless of your current physical or mental challenges. If I can’t help you with your health goals, i will work hard to find someone that can.

I am very proud of this group of tremendous individuals we have assembled here on our team at Tonume Integrated Health.

(He/Him/His) The human body never ceases to amaze me. I chose to follow this path as a Registere... Read More

In a world of disconnection and distraction from our own selves and bodies, I love and value my role as a massage therapist in facilitating a tuning into self. This was the initial draw to body work and what continues to hold my interest today. It never gets old, witnessing people really letting go of stress, tension and holding. We all need moments and opportunities for this more than ever.

I am a graduate of Sutherland Chan School & Teaching Clinic, 2011, in Toronto. My treatment style tends to favour myofascial release, trigger point therapy, general swedish massage, passive and sometimes active movement to free areas of restriction and holding. I typically use what I consider a more moderate pressure, but will work deeper where and when needed. However, we all sense pressure differently so let me know if you need a lighter touch or a bit more pressure.

I generally strike a balance of working into areas that require a more specific treatment with a good amount of general relaxation focus as well. This is your treatment time, and as such, I welcome feedback throughout. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you require any adjustments to make your experience suit your needs.

In a world of disconnection and distraction from our own selves and bodies, I love and value my r... Read More

Stanley is a self-professed life-long learner and has always been curious about human anatomy and physiology. When he suffered a shoulder injury doing Cross Fit in the past he sought out various forms of treatment and found massage therapy treatments provided relief he needed, and felt it would be a great career choice.

Stanley is a proud born and raised Vancouverite, and is a graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.

Valuing health & wellness, before becoming an RMT, Stanley was a Certified Personal Trainer and has several years of experience assisting beginners with weight training programs at various Vancouver Park Board Fitness Centers throughout the city, including up the road at Trout Lake.

Stanley believes that an active lifestyle and a progressive rehab program are important tools to help him addressing the root causes of any physical challenges a patient may be currently facing.

A treatment from Stanley is may see him use a variety of techniques that he feels will assist to achieve your treatment goals such as: myofascial release, trigger point treatments, swedish massage, neuromuscular treatments, joint mobilizations and PNF stretching techniques.

Stanley is an avid athlete, and an active participant in many sports including weightlifting, running and swimming. He also likes to experiment with new exercises and self-treatment techniques to asssist him with his own ongoing rehabilitation from his various sports injuries.

In his spare time he also enjoys reading & writing. His topics of interest include psychology, philosophy, & theology.

Stanley is fluent in both English and Cantonese.

Stanley is a self-professed life-long learner and has always been curious about human anatomy and... Read More

Shauna McGuire has been a Registered Massage Therapist in British Columbia since May 2015 after she graduated from the program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She has nine years of massage experience in a luxury spa environment.

Shauna is skillful and intuitive with her hands in many modalities of massage including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, Swedish, deep tissue and pregnancy massage. She is able to guide patients through treatments, addressing their concerns, while still allowing for complete relaxation and comfort.

She enjoys educating her clients about their bodies and improving each individual’s quality of life by facilitating recovery from injury, relief from chronic pain and reducing stress and anxiety. Shauna encourages people to look at their symptoms holistically, to treat not only the local issue, but find the deeper cause. She promotes self care at home with a combination of stretching, hydrotherapy and strengthening.

Outside the treatment room, Shauna loves cooking gourmet meals for her family, drinking coffee and playing with her sons in the garden.

Shauna McGuire has been a Registered Massage Therapist in British Columbia since May 2015 after s... Read More

“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together” - Dr. Carl Sagan

Born and raised in the North West of England, Nicola packed her life into a single suitcase in the summer of 2000 and moved to Vancouver to continue her Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry. Her lifelong passion for science has, in particular, pertained to the human body. She graduated in December of 2012 from the Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, BC with 5 consecutive terms on the Dean’s List amongst her list of achievements.

Depending on each client’s needs, Nicola works to put the pieces of a “health puzzle” together to help alleviate a diverse range of conditions from neurological, orthopedic, systemic and stress-related through the creation of balance within the human body. She is dedicated to seeing her clients become educated, through self-awareness, on the appropriate lifestyle changes that will help prevent future recurrence of injuries and pain.

Forever looking to expand her knowledge, Nicola welcomes opportunities to pursue further education particularly in the areas of sports medicine, myofascial manipulation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitative stretching, ligamentous articular strain techniques, dermoneuromodulation and joint mobilizations, of which she has already successfully undertaken and completed several courses.

When not massaging, this self-confessed energizer bunny can be found running long distance around Vancouver either marathon or ultramarathon training. In 2019, she successfully completed the Abbott World Marathon Majors at the London Marathon becoming one of 243 Canadians to do so. In 2021 she will attempt a marathon in Antarctica. If she is not running, you can find her getting her “Science Nerd” on at Science World, hiking, biking, kayaking, watching Marvel movies or out walking her dogs for long walks (because they do not belong in purses).

“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put t... Read More

Dr. Bouros has a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) from University Ion Ionescu de la Brad/Romania and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Social Work from University of Bucharest/ Romania (2005). After moving in Canada in 2008 and after searching sometime for a career that would combine her love of science, wellness, and nature, she went on to complete her doctorate of naturopathic medicine at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. She is active member of the following associations: College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC) British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA) Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) Tomatis Development SA, Luxemburg

Dr. Gina works with people of all ages and health concerns including: Digestive health (IBS, colitis, Crohn’s disease, constipation, food allergies); Adrenal fatigue, stress and anxiety, depression; Musculoskeletal issues, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, pains; Healthy-Aging (detoxification, nutritional counselling, lifestyle change, weight management); Endocrine/Hormonal Health (diabetes, PMS, thyroid imbalances, PCOS, menopause and infertility); Pediatric conditions, including autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, asthma; Metabolic disorders, cardiovascular conditions; Skin conditions; Naturopathic treatments used by Dr. Bouros may include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture, supplements.

Dr. Bouros has a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) from University Ion Ionescu de la Brad/Romania and... Read More

Jamie-Leigh has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in October 2012. 

Jamie-Leigh was one of the first therapists brought in to work at Tonume Integrated Health when we opened, and has become one of our most popular clinicians, and co-workers here.

Jamie-Leigh has also been a long time instructor at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and is now colleagues here at Tonume with some of her former students (who have all raved about her teaching skills)

Her treatment style utilizes classic Swedish techniques, as well as, Myofascial work and Trigger point release.  She enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, but feels most passionate about pregnancy massage and injury rehabilitation. 

Jamie’s goal is to develop a well-rounded treatment plan to help patients retain the maximum benefit of their massage appointment, helping them achieve their health and wellness goals!

Jamie-Leigh has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from Vancouver... Read More

I have always loved and believed in therapeutic touch. Since receiving massage therapy from a young age, I knew that I wanted to help people feel better through hands on therapy. Miraculous things happen when you listen to what your body is trying to tell you through your tissues.

In August 2008 I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and since then I have continued to expand my knowledge in Myofascial Release therapy. I’ve completed courses on Myofascial Release Therapy, introductory Craniosacral/Fascial integration, fascial taping, self care through yoga and plan on learning about Visceral Manipulation. I’ve also taken dissection courses that opened my eyes to how the human body looks underneath the skin.

During treatment, I treat tissues with a Fascial perspective. Using a combination of mainly Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish massage, and deep tissue work; I learn from the body to see what works best for releasing tension. I also use trigger point release, stretches and compressive work when needed. While working with patients, communication is important, so don’t hesitate to let me know if anything is uncomfortable. My goal for you is to help you feel better: not to make you cry during treatment.

Being a therapist requires maintenance; physically and mentally. I swim, run, practice yoga and pilates on occasion, and race sailboats. There are always a few books on the go, and my brain is always thinking of the next thing I can learn or cook!

When I’m not at work, I’m out sailing on English bay, or you may see me food shopping or brainstorming about what to cook! I can’t stay away from the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans, or a glass of cold cider/wine on a hot summer’s day!

Visit Jessica’s personal website:

I have always loved and believed in therapeutic touch. Since receiving massage therapy from a you... Read More

Rhiannon Whitney grew up all over the world in countries such as England, Syria, Oman, Australia and Singapore. Her hobbies growing up included painting her nails every night instead of doing her homework, giving people massages and hair updo’s, and playing hockey and piano!

In her mid 20’s after moving to Vancouver Island from Calgary, AB, she opened a Spa in Parksville called Natural Synergy Day Spa. As a Vegan since 2003, it has been one of her greatest passions in the industry and in Life, to find and deliver the highest quality of Cruelty Free, Organic/Natural, and Healing Vegan products to her beloved Clients, not to mention to promote the Lifestyle of Veganism to her Clients and friends. It’s also one of her own biggest beauty secrets…not so secret!

Rhiannon specializes in Laser hair and skin treatments, Brazilian Waxing and Cosmetic Tattooing. She has over 20 years of experience in the Beauty and Wellness Industry. On top of her becoming a certified Yoga instructor in 2009, she added her Laser Certification in 2014 and Cosmetic Tattooing to her repertoire in 2015.

She opened Willow’s Wax Bar in February of 2017 with great excitement, after proudly living in Vancouver for three years. Her goal is to see Willow’s become the City’s destination for all things related to Beauty and Wellness. Rhiannon and her K-9 companions Zeus, Kikki and Missy welcome you with open arms and hearts to come enjoy the experience that Willow’s Wax Bar has to offer!

Rhiannon is realizing her dream of having an animal rescue sanctuary in Calgary Alberta, and will be at Tonume on select days to continue to offer her clients the incredible medical aesthetics care that they know and love.

Rhiannon Whitney grew up all over the world in countries such as England, Syria, Oman, Australia ... Read More

Kaela is an honours graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT).

She is passionate about human anatomy and holistic rehabilitation. A current interest in treating surgical scars has been recognized by the Registered Massage Therapists of British Columbia for her graduate case study, observing “the effects of myofascial release on the appearance of a chronic scar”.

Kaela is motivated to contribute to the community by making an impact through alternative medicine and integrating body dynamics with injury prevention and rehabilitation. She has a special interest in providing care for women’s health during the child bearing years; specifically including antenatal and postnatal care, breast health and infant massage.

Kaela’s mission is to promote a balanced lifestyle and to create treatment plans focused on achieving her patient’s wellness goals. She looks forward to providing safe and effective treatments for health conscious individuals of all ages.

When not at Tonume, Kaela enjoys spending mornings at local cafe’s and exploring Vancouver’s great outdoors with her husband, three young children and pug.

Kaela is an honours graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT). She is passio... Read More

Julie grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, and worked as a student athletic therapist for the Brock University wrestling team during her Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences) degree. She achieved her Masters Degree in Physiotherapy at McMaster University in 2013. Julie fell in love with the west coast mountains while on vacation in the summer of 2014, and drove from Ontario to BC to live in Vancouver permanently 8 weeks later! She has enjoyed participating in muay thai, jiujitsu, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, hiking and backpacking since moving to Vancouver. Julie is very passionate about human movement and empowering her patients to learn about their bodies, understand their injuries and rehab, and return to whatever activities they enjoy.

Julie has been providing physiotherapy services (as Julie Paul Physiotherapy) in the Vancouver area since 2014, specializing in complex musculoskeletal injuries, pain disorders, car accident recovery, workplace injuries, post-surgical pain, and concussions. Julie is excited to work alongside the Tonume healthcare team to provide a collaborative approach to rehabilitation.

Julie has received certifications and attended a variety of courses including but not limited to:

– Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 1, 2 & 3 course and certification: finding muscle compensation patterns and improving motor control and body awareness;

– Complete Concussion Management Certification (2017): evidence-based course on multisystem, comprehensive, concussion assessment and management;

– Concussion Management Workshop (2016): including vision, balance, and vestibular rehabilitation, as well as post-concussion treatment and manual therapy techniques for the cervical spine (bones of the neck);

– Barefoot Training Summit conference including components of (2016): Animal Flow (variety of core strengthening and bodyweight movements), proprioceptive (body awareness) training, primal movement (reflex-based, developmental movement patterns) and fascial tensioning (to assist with balance, alignment, and foot/ankle stability);

– Primal Movement Chains Workshop (2016): working along fascial chains, rotational muscle patterns and effective force generation to improve stability, performance, and reduce injury;

– Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI): Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration course (2015): manual techniques to assist with regulating the sensory system and integrating automatic reflexes to promote development and treat sensory concerns ( method);

– Sensory and Motor Processing for Postural Control course (2014): inner and outer core activation, development and treatment of postural control in children with ASD, CP, and DCD;

– Neurodevelopmental Training (NDT) Problem-Solving Workshop (2014): postural reactions and facilitation of normal developmental movement patterns;

– Therapeutic RockTaping Certification (2013): muscle, joint, ligament, and fascial taping to improve movement and reduce pain;

CURRENT CLINICAL INTEREST: Julie’s current clinical focus is using a technique called Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR). [Website:]

P-DTR treats muscles, ligaments, and joints at the “receptor level”, to provide more immediate changes in the signalling pathways to the brain. Similar to adjusting the software/communication system of a computer. When the software works better, everything does!

This can contribute to more immediate pain relief and improved muscle activation during strength testing and movement of the body.

Julie has received her Advanced Level Certification in P-DTR.

Contact our reception desk at Tonume to book with Julie, book online, or email at for more information on her availability!

Julie grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, and worked as a student athletic therapist for the Broc... Read More

I studied psychology and biology in university then spent several years teaching overseas and working for non-profit organizations developing young leaders. In my early thirties I had a series of health crises that landed me in the hospital multiple times. I felt like I was losing control of my body and my life - not to mention my mind. When I came up for air and was able to reassess my life path, I came back to myself and discovered a passionate curiosity about neurophysiology, neurobiology and mental health. Mental and physical health are deeply interconnected. The understanding and experience of this has grown in me over my lifetime and blossomed during my practice in community mental health over the past 10+ years. Wholeness and wellness are embodied - and reflected - in safe authentic connection to self, others, nature and spirit. It is my great privilege to walk with others who desire to live whole and authentic lives in right relationship with all of life.

I value working with people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, physical abilities, cultures, and spiritual affiliations. I believe strongly that all people should be able to be fully themselves. This is possible in safe and loving spaces. Collectively we are so much stronger, and more beautiful, when we are our unique selves walking together. The process of looking at life experiences with compassion, curiosity and new perspective gives you the power to shift limiting patterns from the past and painful judgements of the present. This leads to a more passionate life in which you can be more fully engaged in your relationships, career and dreams. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor providing holistic therapy for individual adults and older teens. Using an integrated approach, I focus on you as a whole person: body, mind and spirit. It is important to me that you feel safe, heard, and valued for who you are. Whatever you bring, wherever you are on your journey, I am here to support you. I will listen, laugh and cry with you - I am a real human being.

I studied psychology and biology in university then spent several years teaching overseas and wor... Read More

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